4 Benefits of owning an electric vehicle

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When it comes to professional EV charger installation Essex is fortunate that Orton & Wenlock can provide such a quality service for the residents of the county. Comprising a group of experienced electricians in Colchester (but covering Essex), Orton & Wenlock’s EV charger installation solutions encompass both domestic and commercial properties. When we say that we are the best EV charger installation Essex can offer, we mean it!

But while our happy customers already know the value of owning an electric vehicle and have seen first-hand why we offer the best EV charger installation Essex can boast, there may be some who are still unsure about the benefits of owning an electric vehicle. So with that in mind, let us take a look at the 4 key benefits of switching to an electric vehicle.

Electric vehicles are greener

Electric vehicles have been proven to be greener, and therefore better for the environment, than both petrol and diesel-powered vehicles. Firstly, they are more energy efficient than vehicles with internal combustion engines. Far more actually (85-90% efficient for EV against 17-21% petrol/diesel). Electric vehicles emit no exhaust emissions at all, so there are no harmful gasses building up in built-up areas. Compare this with the emissions produced by petrol/diesel vehicles that significantly contribute to dangerous CO2 levels, which are ultimately affecting climate change. With air pollution becoming ever more problematic, switching to an electric vehicle will help lower your carbon footprint. Which, as the providers of the best EV charger installation Essex can offer, we are all for!

Electric vehicles perform better

This may surprise you (it even surprised the best EV charger installation Essex can get when we learned this!), but electric vehicles (and especially electric cars), actually outperform petrol/diesel vehicles when it comes to torque, power and acceleration. They generally handle better too, as the chassis-mounted batteries are heavy, leading to a lower centre of gravity. One of the big hurdles in a driver switching to electric is the belief they will lose vehicle performance, but this just isn’t true. Don’t believe us? Take a drive in an electric vehicle and you will soon see we are correct!

Electric vehicles are more cost-effective

Whilst it is true that energy prices are soaring, it is still far more cost-effective to power an electric vehicle compared to a petrol/diesel vehicle. Depending on what your current energy deal is (and the efficiency of your EV), the average cost of charging an electric vehicle is only 1p to 10p a mile. In terms of actual savings, this would be around £1200 less a year than you would have spent on petrol/diesel. To charge your EV all you need to do is speak with the best EV charger installation Essex offers, Orton & Wenlock, whose team of electricians in Colchester can install your EV charging point.
Perhaps the biggest hurdle for electric vehicle sales is the price of an EV. Most of the cost of EV production is in the battery itself, which is an area that great progress is being made to lower manufacturing costs. This will mean that it won’t be too long before an electric vehicle will be cheaper to buy than a petrol/diesel vehicle.

Electric vehicles are more convenient

The final benefit of buying electric is the convenience it offers in recharging. Once you have your EV charging point installed at your home or office, your vehicle will charge itself whenever you want it to. And guess what? Orton & Wenlock offers the best EV charger installation Essex can get, so we have you covered when it comes to your EV charging point! On average, cars are parked for over 90% of their entire life, time that can now be spent recharging itself. And with most EV’s now having a range of 200-300 miles, unless you are planning a long journey (in which case you may have to stop at a charging point along the way), simply charging at home or the office will always be enough for your needs.

The best EV charger installation Essex can offer

So there we have it. There are so many reasons to switch to an EV, why wait? And once you have purchased your new electric vehicle, contact Orton & Wenlock for the best EV charger installation Essex can offer you. Our team of electricians in Colchester are experts at quick and effective EV charging point installations for both domestic and commercial properties. And don’t forget, if you want to further reduce your carbon footprint then we also offer the best green solar panels Colchester or Essex can boast.