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Imagine a trusted local company which has been trading since 1925 and specialises in solar & renewable energy solutions, EV charger installation and air source heat pump installation.

Now imagine that the same company also has a fully qualified and highly experienced team of electricians, plumbers and gas engineers available for all domestic and commercial projects. 

You can stop imagining. Welcome to Orton & Wenlock. 

we are here to help cut energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint

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After nearly 100 years in business, Orton & Wenlock have traded through every major development that has taken place within the electrical industry in the last century. This level of expertise and longevity is the reason we are the ideal choice for your next electrical project. We specialise in installing lights, adding additional sockets, full rewiring and home automation, as well as being expert solar PV installers offering comprehensive solar and renewable energy solutions and much more. So no matter the size of the project, our expert team of solar PV installers and electrical contractors have the experience and know-how to deliver your project, to the very highest standards and quality.  


Our commitment to helping the local community reduce their carbon emissions naturally led us to become a provider of the highest standard of EV charging point installations for both domestic and commercial properties, as well as the installation of air source heat pumps for a greener way of heating properties. Our team of fully qualified, gas safe registered engineers are ready to help with any boiler or gas-related requirement you have, and our team of experienced and qualified plumbers are on hand to work on any plumbing project, from fixing faulty leaks to the installation of complex plumbing systems. 

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We are at the forefront in helping our local community in keeping energy affordable for all

In 1925 Orton & Wenlock started trading and we have a long history in the building trade. From 1995 onwards we focussed on becoming the leading local electrical contractor, which then led us into the world of renewable energy. We have since grown the business to include a team of plumbers and gas engineers who work on both domestic and commercial projects, regardless of size. Our solar team has over 10 years of experience in supplying and installing both solar and renewable energy solutions for our clients. We have recently added an experienced group of EV charging point and air source heat pump installers to our team, making us truly unique in the diversity of solutions we offer. We take great pride in our heritage and reinvest in our company to ensure we’re ahead in our industry going forward.

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fitting solar panel - Orton And Wenlock
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We take great pride in everything that we do, complete control over products allows us to ensure our customers receive the best quality service.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    On average, installations would take between two and three days. This would include the installation of scaffold for access. Occasionally things to take a little longer depending on the complexity of the installation but our technicians will always advise on expected time scales during the initial enquiry process. 

    We at Orton & Wenlock offer competitive finance packages through third party lenders which enables the cost to be spread over longer periods of time making the investment much more affordable. Visit our Finance page for more information.

    Research carried out shows that panels add around 4.1% to a home’s value alongside this the saleability of the property increases as who wouldn’t wish to purchase a home with a much higher energy efficiency rating with a saving on energy bills
    As a company we don’t believe in selling Solar & Renewable energy as a get rich quick scheme. We believe that by providing informative impartial advice and helping clients select the correct products for their uses and needs we will help them futureproof their supply and keep their bills to a minimum going forward. Inevitably with any solar PV install there will be a point in which it does become financially self-sufficient but the benefits start from day one and who knows where energy prices will end up in the next 5 – 10 years, by generating and storing your own energy you are now in charge of your own generation and consumption.

    Yes indeed, over the years we have had the pleasure of working with multiple commercial and agricultural clients to supply large scale industrial packages some of these over 200 panels on a single project.