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Air Source Heat Pump & Green Solar Panels Installation Case Study

The Brief:

We were recently approached by a client who had decided to create more space in their family home through a large extension, which included two new bathrooms and underfloor heating throughout the ground floor.

Conscious that this was a great opportunity to lower their carbon footprint, the client opted for a greener approach to heating. They asked for a solution that would heat the entire property, including the underfloor heating system, plus provide constant hot water, in a more efficient way than their previous boiler, which had been rising in costs year on year. They were also keen to lower their energy bills even further through the use of solar panels to help power any new heating system.

The Solution:

After fully understanding the client’s requirements, we suggested a brand-new air source heat pump installation to replace their old boiler system. The air source heat pump installation is more efficient, requires less maintenance and is better for the environment than their existing boiler. The air source heat pump installation now provides heating for the whole house, including the underfloor heating on the ground floor, plus provides hot water throughout the property.

As the premier installers of solar panels Colchester has to offer, to further reduce the client’s carbon footprint we also suggested installing solar PV to convert the energy from the sun into usable energy for the home. This not only made their home greener but also helped to further reduce the client’s monthly energy bill.

The Outcome:

By working closely with and alongside the building team as they completed the extension, we successfully fitted the underfloor heating as well as 4 new radiators on the new first floor, which only took 4 days to complete. The brand-new air source heat pump installation and cylinder took just 3 days to complete. While we were undertaking these works we ensured that the client still had heating on the first floor until we completed and connected the new air source heat pump installation.

After completion, the client was ecstatic with the results and can now benefit from living in a larger home powered by solar, with a heating system that has drastically reduced their carbon footprint.

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