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Electric Car Charger Installation

The Brief:

Known throughout the North Essex area as a company that always completes electric car charger installation projects to the highest standards, it came as no surprise when we were approached by a client looking for an electric car charger installation on his home property. Wanting to reduce his carbon footprint, the client had decided to switch from his petrol-fueled vehicle and was in the process of buying his first-ever electric car.  

To further reduce the carbon footprint of his family’s Great Bentley home, the client was also considering solar panel installation on his property in the near future, so wanted the electric car charger installation to be able to get maximum value from his future greener energy supply.

The Solution:

To meet the client’s requirements of having an electric car charging installation outcome that would work best with solar energy, we opted to install Zappi. We chose a Zappi charging point as we firmly believe they are one of the leading brands that get the maximum amount of energy from solar panel installation, as well as controlling when is the most efficient time of day to charge the electric car. The materials for the installation were supplied by CEF in nearby Colchester.

After agreeing on a quote of £1100 for the electric car charging installation, our team got to work. The installation was relatively simple as the consumer unit was located on an external wall. This meant all our team had to do to ensure the electric car charging installation was in the position the client requested was use some armoured cabling and clip to the chosen position.

The Outcome:

After completing this electric car charging installation in just 4 hours, the client had an electric charging point for his soon-to-own electric vehicle in the exact position he wanted it. Depending on the exact model of the electric vehicle the client buys, he can expect the Zappi charger to fully charge the vehicle between 4-8 hours (based on the new electric vehicle charging on a 7kw charger, which is the norm).

The client was over the moon with the end result of our electric car charger installation and will now benefit from an electric car charging point situated on his own drive, allowing him to join millions of others around the world in lowering his carbon footprint by switching to an electric vehicle.


Aside from our electric car charger installation services, is it time you thought about a greener future? We here at Orton & Wenlock specialise in helping people lower their carbon footprint with our Essex solar panels solutions, specifically installing the best solar panels Colchester has to offer.

As well as offering quality solar panel installation and being the best electric car charging point installers in the Colchester area, we also have a crack air source heat pump installation team who can help dramatically cut down on your energy bills whilst making your home greener. And that’s not all! To complement our energy teams we also have a team of Colchester plumbers, Colchester electricians and a quality team of gas engineers in Colchester who are available for all domestic and commercial projects. So however you choose to move to a greener future, we at Orton & Wenlock have a solution.


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