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The Brief:

The custodians of Marks Tey Village Hall decided it was time to significantly reduce the building’s carbon footprint and achieve energy self-sufficiency to support its role as a community hub. And who else to contact but the best solar installer Colchester has to offer? The hall wanted a robust solar power system which would help meet its daily energy demands while being environmentally friendly. As an experienced solar installer Colchester residents and businesses can depend on to offer the highest quality work, we at Orton & Wenlock were tasked with designing and implementing a system that not only met the hall’s energy needs but also aligned with its sustainability goals.

The Solution:

Orton & Wenlock, renowned for expertise in installing the best solar panels Colchester residents and businesses can get, conducted an in-depth site assessment to ensure the chosen solar panel and battery system would maximise energy production throughout the year. After careful consideration, we opted for 430-watt Trina solar panels for their high efficiency and reliability. The 15 kW Solis inverter was selected to convert the solar energy efficiently, and the 11.6 kW Solax battery was integrated to store excess energy, ensuring power availability during nighttime or overcast conditions. We also installed an EPS which diverts power for the battery in the event of a power cut. Additionally, we installed bird proofing to safeguard the system from potential damage from our avian friends, whilst maintaining its efficiency and longevity.

The Outcome:

The solar panel installation at Marks Tey Village Hall was a resounding success. As the best solar installer Colchester can offer, we efficiently executed the project, adhering to the highest standards of quality and safety at all times. The new solar installation now provides a substantial portion of the hall’s energy requirements, significantly reducing its reliance on the grid and lowering operational costs. The 11.6 kW Solax battery allows for energy management and supply continuity, crucial for the hall’s varied and extensive use by the community.

This solar installation project not only supports Marks Tey Village Hall’s environmental goals but also shows how solar energy can be effectively utilised in public buildings to promote sustainability and cut down on energy bills. The hall now benefits from a reduced carbon footprint, and energy self-sufficiency, and has shown the local community that it takes sustainability seriously.


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