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Solar Panels Essex Case Study

The Brief:

Our client, whose home is in the picturesque North East Essex village of Weeley, wanted help in bringing his extremely high monthly energy bill down. As an owner of an electric vehicle, the client also required a sufficient, greener energy source to help in charging his electric vehicle. Orton & Wenlock is known in the Tendring area of Essex as the expert in green energy solutions for both domestic and commercial properties. By installing the best solar panels Essex has to offer, complimented by our specialist team of electric car charging point installers, the client approached Orton & Wenlock to help with this project. With our wealth of experience and expertise, we were only too happy to offer a solution that would help the client lower his monthly energy bills and be able to efficiently charge his electric vehicle.

The Solution:

As the providers of the best solar panels Essex can boast, we naturally suggested to the client that we install solar panels on the roof of his property, which would significantly reduce his monthly energy bills. By converting solar energy into usable electricity, the client would not only be reducing bills but would also be lowering his carbon footprint. Our electric car charging point installers would then complete the project by installing an EV charging point in an accessible area of the driveway, so the client would always be able to charge their electric car.

The Outcome:

We are not known as the provider of the best solar panels Essex has to offer for nothing, as we successfully installed solar panels on the property in just 3 days, in which time our electric car charging point installers also completed their installation. The end result was a greener energy solution that drastically reduced the client’s monthly energy bills, which also allowed the client to fully charge his electric vehicle’s battery in as little as 3.5 – 4.5 hours. The client was very happy with the outcome.

Is it time to go solar?

Are you ready to move toward a greener future with the best installers of solar panels Essex has to offer? With a specialist team of electric car charging point installers, quality gas engineers in Colchester, Colchester plumbers and a team of brilliant electricians in Essex, we have the experience and expertise to dramatically reduce your carbon footprint.

And with our air source heat pump installation service, Orton & Wenlock now offers a complete domestic and commercial green solution. Contact us today to talk about the best solar panels Essex has to offer and begin your journey toward a green future.