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6 Common Solar Energy Myths Debunked

Solar Installations Colchester | Solar Panels Being Installed

As the best providers of solar installations Colchester has to offer its residents and businesses, Orton & Wenlock is committed to clarifying misunderstandings and illuminating the benefits of solar power. Solar energy and solar installations aren’t new, they have been available as an alternative greener energy source for decades. However, even though solar installations have […]

How to maintain your boiler in the Summer months: your questions answered

gas engineer Colchester fixing boiler

As summer has arrived and temperatures rise, it’s easy to forget about your boiler, however neglecting it now could mean issues later on when you need it the most. At Orton and Wenlock, we don’t just have the best gas engineer Colchester can offer, we have a whole team, and from our experience, we recommend […]

How Solar Panels Increase Property Value in Colchester

Solar Installs Colchester | Solar Panels Being Installed On Roof

In our wonderful and historic City of Colchester, homeowners are continually seeking ways to enhance their property’s appeal and value. One of the most effective methods that is gaining traction is solar panel installation. As a leading company specialising in solar installs Colchester can trust, Orton & Wenlock has observed a significant rise in property […]

What is the future of energy efficient homes?

Modern energy efficient homes made of wood lit up with lights at night

The future of energy efficient homes In an era where sustainability and energy efficiency are at the forefront of homeowners’ minds, the future of energy efficient homes looks bright and promising. Orton & Wenlock, a leader in integrating renewable energy solutions like the best solar panels Essex has to offer, is at the cutting edge […]

5 Signs you might need a new boiler

Picture Of Radiator | Gas Engineers Colchester

Boilers truly are the beating heart of a home, providing hot water and heating for the entire property. However, if your boiler stops working as it should, it’s not just an inconvenience, it can be potentially dangerous. But how can you tell if your boiler is faulty and needs replacing? As the provider of the […]

The history of solar panel installation

Solar Panel Installers Colchester | Woman Embracing Dawn

As society moves towards sustainable living, the interest in solar panels in Essex and the best solar panel installers Colchester has to offer has never been higher. As a leading name among solar panel installers in Colchester, Orton & Wenlock will take you on a journey through the evolution of solar panel installation. From its […]

3 great reasons to switch to solar energy for your property

Solar panel installation Essex

One major and most obvious reason people switch to solar energy is the reduction in their monthly utility bills. But what other benefits are there? As the provider of the type of high-quality solar panel installation Essex residents expect when switching to solar, we know a thing or two about the importance of solar energy. […]

How solar panels can slash your bills

The best solar panel installers Essex can offer with their hand on solar panel with the sun in the background

Ready to cut your monthly bills? Then look no further than the best solar panel installers Essex!  With energy prices soaring (and with no sign of slowing down), many of us are searching for ways to cut our costs, both in the short and long term. Because of this, alternative options, such as sustainable energy, […]

Celebrate World EV Day with Orton & Wenlock

Electric car using a EV charger to charge it up - installed by the best EV charging point installers Essex can offer by Orton & Wenlock

Celebrate World EV Day with the best EV charging point installers in Essex!   The world is racing toward a sustainable future, with the transition from fossil fuels to solar power and fuel-guzzling cars to electrical vehicles (EVs) leading the way in reducing our carbon footprint. On the 9th of September, people from across the […]