Upgrade your home’s electrical system and save money on energy bills!

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As one of the most established electricians in Colchester, we at Orton & Wenlock are often asked by our customers how they can save money on their monthly energy bills. The obvious answer is to install green solar panels in their homes, which as the supplier and installer of the best solar panels Essex can offer, we are happy to do (read our blog on the 4 key benefits of going solar for more information on this!) But did you know that you can also save money on your energy bills by upgrading your electrical system?

When upgrading your electrical system you also make your home more eco-friendly, helping to lower your carbon footprint. How is modern electrical work more eco-friendly? Well, if you own an older building then the chances are higher that it contains outdated wiring and components that were designed and installed way before energy efficiency became as important as it is nowadays.

The best electricians in Colchester!

It may be that you know Orton & Wenlock as the supplier and installer of the finest solar panels Essex can boast, but did you know that we also have a highly skilled and talented team of the best electricians in Colchester? We are experts at both domestic and commercial electrical projects, which is how we can confidently say that energy efficiency (and therefore less energy use and a lower bill) is not necessarily due to a single issue, as the amount of energy your home uses will depend on multiple factors.

So, as the most unrivalled group of electricians in Colchester, we here at Orton & Wenlock will offer our advice on the best ways to upgrade your home’s electrical system to help reduce your monthly energy bill.

Upgrade to smart wiring

If your home still relies on outdated wiring made from aluminium then not only are you probably using far more energy than you need, but you are also more likely to suffer electrical faults (which could lead to an electrical fire). If your home was built more than 25 years ago then there is a high chance that this will be the case. By upgrading to modern wiring you will have a more energy-efficient electrical system that will not waste as much electricity, lowering your energy bill. Our group of experienced electricians in Colchester are fully trained in upgrading wiring, contact us for more information.

Replace the meter

Your electrical meter is what measures the amount of energy consumed in your home. It is the key to making sure you are billed for the actual amount of energy you have used. The main types of meters used are induction meters, digital static meters, and ever more increasingly, smart meters. By upgrading to a smart meter you ensure your utility providers have an accurate reading of the energy you use, leading to a fairer monthly bill. If you are looking for electricians in Colchester who can upgrade your electrical meter to a smart meter then contact our expert team who will be happy to help.


Install light switch timers & dimmer switches

It is often the case that the most energy that is wasted in the home is through lights being left on continuously. By installing light switch timers you will be able to control your light consumption better (therefore saving money on your monthly bill). You can also save on energy through the use of dimmer switches, which use less electricity (and also increase the lifespan of lightbulbs). If you want to learn more about light switch timers and dimmers, contact our expert team of electricians who will be happy to help.


Upgrade your electrical system today

So now that you know how you can save money on your monthly energy bills by upgrading your electrical system, why wait? Contact Orton & Wenlock today and our team of the best electricians in Colchester will ensure your home is as energy efficient as possible, saving you money on your bills!