How do I maintain and care for my solar panels to ensure maximum efficiency and longevity?

Cleaning solar panels Colchester

As the best supplier and installers of solar panels Colchester has to offer, with over 20 years of experience in the installation of the most modern solar panel technology, we like to think we know a thing or two about the solar energy industry. By switching to solar energy for your home you are not only saving yourself money on your monthly energy bills but also helping to reduce carbon emissions and therefore helping the environment. But with the initial costs of installing a green solar panel energy system, you want to make sure you are doing everything you can to get the maximum efficiency from your solar panel system.

So here are some simple, but effective steps you can take to ensure you are getting the very best out of your solar energy system.

Step 1: Keeping your solar panels clean

Over time, dirt, debris and dust will accumulate on your solar panels, which reduced their ability to do what they should…absorb sunlight. So it is essential to the ongoing efficiency of your solar energy system that you regularly clean your solar panels. By regularly, we mean every 6 months or so (although you may have to do this more often if you live in an area with higher levels of dirt/pollution, or if you have had heavy snowfall). Cleaning your solar panels is simple, all you need is a soft brush and warm water so you can remove any dirt/debris. As your solar panels will likely be on your roof we strongly advise you to ensure you put stringent safety measures in place (secure ladders with harness/scaffolding etc), or even better just ask professionals like the best installers of solar panels Colchester boasts, Orton & Wenlock, to do this for you.

Step 2: Check your battery levels

If, as part of your solar energy system, you have a battery storage system then it is very important to check your battery levels regularly. By doing this you will prevent unnecessarily overcharging or discharging your batteries, which could reduce their lifespan. Fortunately, as the suppliers and installers of the best solar panels Colchester has to offer, we here at Orton & Wenlock can include a built-in monitoring system that will enable you to check the battery levels and overall performance. Our team is always happy to offer more detailed advice on this, so feel free to contact us.

Step 3: Monitor the performance of your inverter

As mentioned in our previous blog on ‘The 5 steps of how your green solar panels actually work!’, your inverter is an essential piece of your solar energy system as it converts the DC power generated by your solar panels into a usable AC current. By monitoring your inverter performance you ensure it is working to optimal efficiency and will hopefully prevent any issues from arising. Our quality solar panel solutions include a monitoring system which will allow you to keep track of your inverter’s performance. It is by imparting knowledge like this that makes us the best company offering solar panels Colchester can boast!

Step 4: Hire a professional for any maintenance or repairs

While the 3 steps outlined above will definitely help achieve maximum efficiency and lifespan for your solar energy system, we would still recommend using a solar energy professional like Orton & Wenlock for any maintenance or repairs. As the best supplier and installer of solar panels Colchester and Essex has to offer, our qualified solar technicians can perform a comprehensive inspection of your solar energy system, including the solar panels, identify any potential issues and repair or replace parts as necessary.

The best solar panels Colchester has to offer!

So in conclusion, if you want optimal performance (and longevity) from your solar panel system it is essential to regularly check and maintain it. We hope that this blog has been helpful, and remember, as the premier supplier and installers of solar panels Colchester has we are more than happy to further discuss any solar energy query you have. Feel free to contact our friendly team.